The BCICH is aimed at improving the health and quality of life of the BRICS people and promoting the sustainable economic and social development of the BRICS countries in a new and dynamic way, such as the traditional medicine of the BRICS countries and the world’s advanced health science and technology, as well as the fair and effective health governance model.

A new type of public welfare organization set up by BRICS governments, medicine, science, literature and art, health industry, justice and other sectors. The organization was registered with the Government of South Africa in March 2020 and is headquartered in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, with corresponding ministries in China, Russia, India and Brazil.

In September 2020, the BRICS Health Conference adopted the Organic Law of the BRICS Health Care International Cooperation Committee, and the BRICS Health Care International Cooperation Committee was officially established on September 15, 2020. September 15th of each year is designated as “BRICS Health Day”.


To promote the international exchange, dissemination and development of traditional medicine and modern health science and technology in BRICS countries, enhance understanding and cooperation between traditional medicine groups and modern health science and technology institutions in BRICS countries, and improve the professional level of healthcare in BRICS countries. protect and develop BRICS traditional medicine, promote the integration of BRICS traditional medicine into the mainstream medical systems of all countries, and contribute to improving the health of the people of the BRICS countries.


The BCICH works to formulate and issue BRICS industry standards for traditional medicine and modern health services, and carry out the certification of BRICS health care service quality standards. Through the construction of standardization, we can promote the healthy and orderly development of traditional medicine in BRICS countries.

While continuing to carry out  academic research activities that promote exchange and cooperation between traditional medicine and modern health science and technology in BRICS countries, develop academia and train talents; promote mutual recognition and legal practice of BRICS traditional medicine practice examinations in BRICS countries; carry out international training, personnel exchange and remote consultation in order to improve the overall quality and academic level of the traditional medicine team. Establish portals, carry out information consultation and information services, publish and distribute academic journals, publicize the characteristics and advantages of traditional medicine, promote the international spread of traditional medicine, hold international exhibitions, and build an international exchange platform to promote international trade in traditional Chinese medicine, health products and medical devices.


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Kenneth Leonard Jacobs

Chief Health Officer