BRICS Committee for International Cooperation in Health and Healthcare

BCICH is an international partnership organized by BRICS governments, medical scientific and judicial decision making stakeholders to champion a significant improvement and quality of life for BRICS citizens. While promoting economic and social growth within BRICS countries, aimed at combining traditional and modern healthcare technologies and effective health management models.


The BRICS Committee for International Cooperation Healthcare (BCICH) is an advisory and coordinating body on health issues in BRICS Countries. It is responsible for providing research and strategic advice on BRICS health affairs, drawing up a health agenda, formulating healthcare standards and an evidence-based health policy programme. While continueing to provide technical support to BRICS countries on health governance, monitoring and evaluation, development and improvement measures.


The purpose of the BCICH is to support BRICS countries to improve their level of healthcare and enhance the health and well-being of their citizens. The main functions of the BCICH include: promoting the prevention and treatment of epidemics (especially emerging infectious diseases) and endemic diseases; improving scientific research and prevention and treatment in the management of public health, major and chronic diseases; promoting biological health and biosafety; promoting the development of precision medicine, smart medicine and health industries.

Little mixed race cute boy sitting on mommys knees talking to smiling african american male doctor at clinic. Cheerful kind pediatrician carefully listening to small kid patient, writing down notes.


Kenneth Leonard Jacobs

Chief Health Officer

Binwu Zhuang

General Secretary

Christian Martin

BCICH Board Member

Mzuvukile George Makosa

BCICH Board Member

Cumani Mfama

BCICH Board Member

Jie Zhang

BCICH Board Member


Remarks from the Chairman of BCICH